[Press Release] - Appota Present Vietnam Mobile App Market Report First Half Of 2018

On July 11, 2018, in Hanoi, the first half of 2018 report on Vietnam’s mobile application market will be released by Appota. As an expert on mobile app publishing and games, advertising, payment services and server hosting services, Appota researches, aggregates topics related to dedicated apps for mobile devices, update market information Vietnam – one of the fastest growing mobile application markets in the world.

For easy to understand, the report presents the following contents and sequences:

– Vietnamese market overview

– The smartphone user habit

– Mobile E-commerce overview

– Mobile Fintech overview

– Mobile Game overview

– Advertising and monetization overview

Vietnamese check their phones as soon as they wake up

At this time, the demographic figures of Vietnam are considered the best with young and middle-class consumers. The high percentage of smartphone ownership is up to 72%, with online media consumption and high mobile gaming habits. Typically, the amount of Vietnamese people watches video clips and listen to music on the phone have been accounted for 69%.

The rapid increase in cell phone ownership and behavior by phone, which is 68%, confirms that the mobile market is a fertile large land for businesses to continue to exploit.

25% of people who own a smartphone use the internet on a regular basis, doing a variety of tasks and services that make mobile phones more than just a communication tool, but go beyond as an official tool work. That also means more than 70% of people own smartphones but do not use all the gadgets that smartphones bring. In addition, the use of multiple monitors at the same time is a new habit of Vietnamese people with an average of 1.7 devices per person.

Vietnamese people love to experience new applications with an average of 5 applications a month. However, Vietnam has the highest application uninstall rate in the Asia-Pacific region with the removal of three applications per month. That fact poses many challenges for long-term user retention for developers.

Mobile phones are the list of the most intimate things of the Vietnamese people because most Vietnamese check their phones as soon as they wake up, and continue to use it with an average time of 2 hours a day. In addition, 82% of Vietnamese are willing to provide personal information in exchange for free gifts. Brands can reach users with ads, gifts, or items via the mobile app.

Vietnamese learn about the product on the phone and complete the purchase on the computer

72% of all e-commerce site visits originated from smartphones. 53% of online purchases are made via phone. The growth rate of mobile e-commerce in Vietnam is still the lowest penetration rate in the region, however, Vietnam still has the strongest growth rate in the past year. Electronic payments were estimated at US$ 6.4 billion, an increase of 22% a year.

As a cash-based society, 46% of Vietnamese respondents said they did not have a bank account, always worried about disclosing payment card security information. So 88% of e-commerce transactions are cash payments on delivery.

Fintech is relatively young. This has led to the challenge of educating consumers to open bank accounts, use payment cards, and gain consumer confidence with online payment services.

Mobile e-sports has become a new star

Although the number of game downloads has signaled a slowdown warning market saturation, revenue growth in the first six months. This shows that users are willing to pay more for buying items in the game. This is a great opportunity for publishers to dig deeper into the consumer’s wallet.

In addition, e-sports on mobile devices are showing its power, attracting many audiences and huge amounts of funding. The appearance of Vietnam e-sports team at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia and the growth of the survival line will attract a lot of views. That will create positive results for all parties who involved in electronic sports.

Businesses pay for mobile advertising will increase to $ 220 million

The market for mobile advertising in Vietnam is very small compared to other countries in the region, but the researchers estimate that businesses pay for mobile advertising will increase rapidly.

The mobile advertising market in Vietnam is very small if compared to other countries in the region, but the researchers estimate that businesses pay for mobile advertising will increase rapidly. By 2017, the cost of mobile advertising is $ 78 million, 2020 is projected to increase to $ 200 million.

On the other hand, although Vietnam is one of the countries that has fastest performance in mobile industry, the CPI (cost per installation) in Vietnam is very low. Commenting on the latest market data, Dang Thai Son, Chief Marketing Officer of Appota, said: “The mobile application market is expanding, creating a diverse playing field, business opportunities for Small and big business. Mobile ecosystems tend to be more rigorous and provide a solid foundation for the development of Vietnam’s economy.

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