About Appota

Appota is the leading mobile platform provider in Vietnam with more than 30 million users, partners with over 15,000 developers, advertisers, and merchants worldwide, and operates in Hanoi, HCMC, Indonesia, and Singapore. It is in the top three mobile game publishers in Vietnam, with hit game titles that attract millions of gamers. The company’s ecosystem of mobile products is used monthly by 5 million active users. New businesses including Mobile advertising and Mobile Payment are poised to lead their respective verticals in the market. In 2016, Appota was selected as one in only four companies in Asia to cooperate with Google in deploying its Mobile Ad Exchange platform
The company has partnered with over 10,000 developers and advertisers worldwide, including NHN, Kakao, Line, Metaps, InMobi, VNG, VTC Online, and FPT Online, to bring highly localized content to end users. Appota also owns highly engaged communities on popular social media outlets.

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About Appota


The Internet and mobile connection are among the fastest growing and most innovative technologies. In developing countries, they give people a whole new level of global connectivity, and bring access to opportunities they would not have had before.

Appota believes in the power of the Mobile Internet Technologies. We aspire to make mobile platforms that create opportunities and improve people’s lives and experiences in developing nations.


Appota’s core values are a focus on talent development, passion, adaptability, thinking big, and learning from our mistakes. We seek to createsustainable success and uphold the integrity of Appota’s brand through these values, which have been shaped by our experiences, lessons, and challenges.


  • Support all local payment methods on mobile including SMS, pre-paid mobile card, Paypal, Internet-banking transfer, wap-charging.
  • Support any mobile platforms and devices
  • Support various types of content such as apps, games, musics, photos, videos, etc.
  • Wide reach to Mobile Social Network (MSN) and users can interact easily with others
  • Provide Over-The-Air solution, allow users install all contents wirelessly
  • Provide full SDK for application developers, content providers and advertisers

Appota’s office is based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Address: 2F, LE Building. No.11, Alley 71, Lang Ha Street, Hanoi, Vietnam.