24% of Americans surveyed plan to buy the new iPad within the next three months

Baird Equity Research last week surveyed 488 “younger, tech-savvier” individuals on their interest in Apple’s new iPad, Fortune reported on Monday. Among current iPad owners, 48% were interested in purchasing the new iPad, with 35% of those already owning an iPad 2. The survey also found that 29% of international respondents were looking to buy Apple’s latest tablet, compared to 24% of surveyed U.S. citizens. Among new buyers, 42% of those planning to purchase the tablet have never owned one before. 15% of U.S. respondents said that they were likely to purchase the discounted iPad 2, while 28% suggested that they would purchase an iPad instead of a laptop. The top reasons to buy Apple’s latest tablet were its Retina Display, the A5X processor and LTE, although users cited high prices as the main reason to hold off on purchasing the device.

Source: BGR